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2Wombats specialises in customisable web
design and applications development.
Our team of professionals hail from diverse
backgrounds with distinct portfolios. The
combination of our collective unique skills
offers you a myriad of interactive media
services to suit your business needs. 


We help our clients to first identify what they
need in order to understand the entirety of
their situation, problems and expectations.
We get a tighter brief through guiding them
with our specific questionnaire. With such, we
can offer the best possible service, mitigating
unexpected changes in development and
minimize time waste. 


We have a team of professionals in different
domains housed under one roof, which we
can provide a holistic suite of services from
end to end like business consulting,
marketing consultation, web design, Search
Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Search Engine
Marketing (SEM), and even copywriting,
which not many companies can offer. 

As one team, we provide easier
communication, more accurate execution of
the project, full services and support with
higher rate of deliverability to our clients, with
controlled cost hassle-free. 

With our team's collective wealth of
experiences and respective competencies,
our clients can be ensured that we deliver
results with good value for money.

We help our clients to study the viability and
feasibility of their online marketing and
development plans in order to arrive at
result-oriented solutions to their web needs.
We want to ensure the websites we build for
our clients are market-savvy.

We create user-friendly customisable
interface designs with mobile adaptability,
that do not compromise on speed, file size
allocations and accessibility. 


Delivery is critical to every clients, as time is
money to every businesses. We do our
utmost to meet your timeline as best as
possible without compromising on the quality
of design and technology.

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Apart from providing the usual web design,
development and hosting, we have
supported capabilities in custom web
applications, online marketing campaigns,
Content Management Systems (CMS)
and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
services, our web designs are built with PHP,
CSS, Javascript, Actionscript or AJAX
programming, depending on your
requirements. We adhere to operational
checklists in each phase of the project
development from content development and
programming to backend support. 

We have compiled a checklist below, to help
you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses
of your website, so that you may consider if it
is high time you should rebuild your online
presence. As a creative web development
company, it is our job to get you noticed and

Qualities of a good designed website:


Choose a good “.com.” domain for your
business will stand you in good stead for
competitive advantage. We have the
expertise, with the aid of our proprietary
tool, to help you get creative if your business
name is taken, or to create a brand defined
name your business or products. With a
unique brand-centric naming, you will have
greater chance in securing a good domain.


With a good web and email hosting, will
mitigate frustrations of slow downloading
speed and the failure to load, which will cost
you not just streams of user traffic but also
affect your ranking in search engines, since
many search engine algorithms detect
webpage loading speed. With our in-house IT
development team, we can support your
hosting needs.


A site must be aesthetically appealing,
polished and professional. It is a visual
medium, not only reflect your company, your
products and your services, it is built
for communicating, reading, shopping or
marketing purposes, that rely heavily on
visuals to delight and convey meaning. Your
website is like a 24/7 door opener wherein
first impression matters. A visually attractive
dressing not only generate a positive
impression, it establishes your brand, make
your site instantly recognisable, and unifies
the elements within. With the overly
populated world of internet, it becomes
increasingly challenging to attract and keep
users' attention. Coupled with inundated
information online, the visibility of certain
important aspects are often overlooked or
compromised. A well-designed webpage with
good visual dress-up reinforced with a strong
identity, has a high hit and retention rate, as
well as the ability to engage users. With a
creative team on board, we can take care of
all the aesthetics of your online presence.


Broken or poorly constructed navigation will
certainly leave your visitors with a bad
impression, frustrated and
disillusioned. Every components of your
website should function well and
correctly, including internal and external
hyperlinks, contact form,  search engine,
event registration, error-free copy, video,
security features and so on.


Your website must fundamentally be easy to
read and navigate, and concise enough to
understand. Usability is the measure of how
much your site can accomplish the objectives
your site is built for your target audience.
Usability is a critical key to a successful
design: ease of viewing and navigation,
well-organised content, fast-loading and
downloading speed, minimal scrolling, ,
consistent layout, descriptive link text, and
cross-browser compatibility.


A good navigation is like a good GPS to your
website, just like homes are easier to find
with a good map, likewise web content will
be easier to find with good navigation. A
website should basically be easy to use with
clear navigation, proper utilisation of links
with callouts as virtual guides, and
easy-to-understand information displayed.
Critical information, such as "Who You Are",
"What We Can Do?" and "How You Can Be
Found", should be instantly accessible. 


It is a known fact that content is king and
search engines love them. Therefore, a
well-organised but clearly defined site with
valuable, interesting and relevant content,
without being copy-heavy, communicates
well with your audience. Accuracy and
up-to-date content paves a long way to retain
and engage your users, which in turn boasts
your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 


Social media
like:Facebook,YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest,
 Google+ and LinkedIn etc., is a good
marketing avenue to promote your online
presence. Your website built with such digital
savviness integrating these platforms will
boost your SEO, improve your business'
footprint on the social web, maintain your
content concurrently, keep your brand
top-of-mind on your users and keep them


A well-written content tagged with important
keywords with high repetition reinforced with
descriptive hyperlinks and simple clutter-free
coding will be well-loved by search engines.


Compatibility across browsers often pose
viewability challenges, and various versions
of the same browser also display differently.
It can be annoying if users are not able to
view properly, and that is going to cost you
possible business leads or opportunities.


With the rising trend of mobile users, which
contribute to increasing web patronage, it is
becomes critical for your website to adopt a
responsive design that is adaptable across
any mobile devices. With such mobile
adaptability, content will be easier to navigate
and access. 
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